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Pain can be a limiting factor when trying to stay active. Many people avoid activities where pain can manifest causing decreased participation in family, community, hobby, and sport activities. Quality of life(QOL) is very important throughout the life span. As we get older we settle for decreased or even stagnant QOL. That should not be the norm. Each person should be able to experience a high QOL even into the late stages of life. 

Here at BWPT our mission is to guide those wanting to experience a high level of wellness throughout their life. If you are experiencing weakness, pain, or any debilitating conditions...physical therapy and wellness solutions will allow you to return to a life of activity and happiness. BWPT is a mHealth(mobile health) and e-Rehab(tele rehabilitation) clinic that prides itself on making PT and healthcare more accessible and less costly.


 Tired of not being able to finish your Tennis or Golf match against your colleague due to pain?


Do you have decreased motivation because you are afraid of the pain?


Want to live a more fulfilling and healthy life?


Concierge Physical Therapy

More time is something that we all need. Who has time to leave work, drive 20 minutes to PT, to be in therapy for an hour (only to have 15 minutes of your PT’s time) and then drive 20 minutes back to work? Well what if we could save you time and money by coming to you and providing one-on-one, individualized, 60 minute expert care in the comfort
of your home or office.


Evolving technology has made healthcare more accessible for many who cannot leave their home. Telemedicine has allowed for doctors to treat patients while never leaving their office. This saves time and money for the patient. Here at BWPT we asked the question "why not extend  this service to not only homebound patient but to those who have busy schedules We have incorporated e-Rehab into our model to better serve the patient and to allow for better engagement by he or she.


Alternative Treatments for Pain Management

Chronic Pain Neuroscience Education

Nutritional Counseling

Auto-Injury Rehabilitation

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy(EWOT)


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Southfield, MI 48034



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